Terror Squad | The Last Supper | R.I.P. Big Pun


#jim is so much more handsome than john #sherlock just kiss the cutie right there #his eyebrows are glorious and john looks old #jim has style and john wears hideous jumpers #jim takes pride in his appearance #jim gets dolled up for you #what does john do #john sits there looking frumpy and being a goodie two shoes loser #kiss jim sherlock #i bet mister sex can show you a better time #john probably doesn’t even know his way around a dick #jim would blow your mind #he’d call you honey and take you apart piece by piece #he’d challenge you intellectually #he’d argue with you#he’d encourage you to be the best detective you could be and he’d never tell you to relate to other people #he’d never make you anything that you’re not #he’d make you better #he’d elevate you to his level #he would never bring you down to an ordinary person’s level #do you want nice or do you want the man who started you on your path #do you want someone boring or do you want danger #you look at john and you see you could have a future but it will never be enough #when people write stories about you and your lapdog #and make you say things like ‘i used to wonder how i would live when i could no longer do my work but now i know’ to him #i’m incredibly amazed because what will he talk to you about #tea? #your bees? #when you grow old #do you want to talk to john about the weather or do you want to debate with jim about the stars


'We were escorted through a green baize door, down a narrow service corridor and into the butlers pantry'

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Title: 29 Years
Artist: The National
Played: 510 times


The National | 29 Years

i met a girl named disillusionment

"I’ve got a motor-car and a basket of strawberries and a bottle of Chateau Peyraguey — which isn’t a wine you’ve ever tasted, so don’t pretend. It’s heaven with strawberries."






Sherman Alexie, “On Airplanes”